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Intelligent packaging solutions

Sealing System is one of Scandinavia's leading suppliers of complete packaging and palletizing solutions. We employ approx. 180 skilled and committed employees who have extensive knowledge and experience in system and machine solutions.

It means a lot to us that our customers trust us and our ability to develop the right solution for their production lines. We see our customers as partners. They have solid knowledge of their products and production, whereas we have the expertise in everything from packing machines to large complex complete packaging and palletizing solutions. And, together, we create the best solutions.

We contribute to customer development and growth through:

  • Return on investment

  • Innovative future-proof solutions

  • Production optimization

  • Optimization of workflows

  • Automation

Our solutions must be a good bargain and create added value to our customers. For example, through streamlining of operations to create competitive advantages.


Our mission is to develop and produce high-quality end-of-line solutions using the latest technology. The partnership with our customers is based on trust, close relations and value creation.


We want to be the most competent, reliable and innovative in end-of-line solutions, and we are proud of the solutions we supply!

Our ...

Our solutions

We offer solutions from stand-alone packing machines to complete automatic filling, packaging and palletizing systems, custom-made tools and integrated conveyor systems. We take care of your entire project - from layout and project management to the finished solution.

Own production

We have a large in-house production of internal conveyor systems as well as packing and palletizing machines which we integrate into our packaging and palletizing lines.

Integration and electrical control

Our electrical controls hold our complete packaging and palletizing lines together. It is our PLC and HMI concept that ensure machine integration along the entire packaging line - thoroughly tested and developed based on many years of experience. The synergy between HMI and system is unique to Sealing System and not seen in many other places. Our systems are operator friendly, and HMI screens make it easy to operate the systems.

We can program with the customer's various databases and intelligent storage systems. This way our systems connect with the customer's existing solutions. 

Automation systems are met with intense demands today, not least when it comes to easy/fast troubleshooting around the clock. That is why all electrical controls and integration with machines and robots are made in-house.

Our suppliers

Sealing System is responsible for sales and service of several of the well-known brands of packaging machines: Meurer, CPS, Lantech and Ishida. We also design and manufacture robot solutions for "End-of-line" packaging specializing in palletizing systems. The robots are supplied by Okura, KUKA, ABB and AUBO, and we custom-design robot tools and system integrate the robots.

Our customers

Several of Denmark’s and Scandinavia's largest companies are among our customers. Our products and solutions are widely used in the food industry but also in other industries wanting to streamline through automation.


Our history

Sealing System A/S was founded in 1998 by Rolf Tange and Kjeld Østergaard Jensen. In the beginning, they focused on sales of packaging machines from Lantech, among others, but they had great ambitions and dreams of becoming the best supplier of complete packaging lines.

From 2003, the strategy changed to the production of complete packaging and palletizing lines, including the establishment of the company’s own electrical department as well as the design and production of their own internal conveyer systems and the sale of Okura palletizing robots.

Later, Sealing System developed its own HMI with increased focus on robot technology. CPS and Ishida products were included in Sealing System’s product program upon the acquisition of TH Consult A/S.

In 2017, all Sealing System’s activities were gathered in Grindsted at Hedemarken 1 in newly built well as renovated premises of 5,200m2.

In recent years, Sealing System has spent a lot of energy on the development of machines and software equipped for the future in terms of automation, energy savings, and simple operation, for example:

  • IP-4 Greenline - a fully automatic palletizer with a green footprint, in the form of servo motors instead of compressed air
  • IRP - Intelligent Robot Picker for handling and packaging
  • IPS - Intelligent Packaging Software for easy programming of palletizing patterns
  • IPM Greenline - Intelligent Pallet Magazine. Pallet magazine with a green footprint

Lead Robotics Scandinavia A/S was established in 2019 in collaboration with Nordbo for the distribution of the AUBO robot.

Sealing System has its own service department in Norway. Most recently in 2020, a sales and service department has been established in Belgium with a focus on Okura robots.

Sealing System received the Børsen Gazelle Award in 2003, 2016 and 2017.

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