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Sealing System
IRP - Intelligent Robot Picker
Fully automatic pick and place of small items at high speed

Sealing System’s IRP - Intelligent Robot Picker - is an ideal, efficient and flexible solution for high-speed packaging of small items in cardboard boxes, SRS boxes, plastic boxes and trays. The IRP has a high throughput, up to 100 items per minute depending on the product.

Flexible pick and place solution where high throughput is a requirement and where the products arrive at the machine at random.

  • High speed

  • High throughput - up to 100 items per minute

  • Flexible solution

  • Built-in vision camera for product approval

Sealing System IRP - Intelligent Robot Picker Fuldautomatisk pick and place af mindre emner ved høj hastighed

Sealing System

Functional description

The product is vacuum sucked at the pick-up conveyor and placed in a case or a tray.

As an option, it is possible to pack two different types of item at the same time. It is a requirement that the products can be transported with the same tool.

Sealing System

Technical specifications

Product type:Trays, cartons, bags, tubs, etc.
Product weight:0-15 kg
Product length:Max. 580 mm
Product width:Max. 290 mm
Product height:Max. 150 mm
Case length:Min. 160 mm – max. 600 mm
Case width:Min. 120 mm – max. 400 mm
Case height:Min. 60 mm – max. 300 mm (C-Height 120 mm – 500 mm)
Throughput:Up to 100 items/min.


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