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General info about Casepacking

Sealing System integrates these packaging systems from Packsize into our end-of-line solutions, and we are here to help you find the right solution.

  • High-quality 

  • Great flexibility 

  • Medium to high capacity  

  • One of the leading manufactures 

Packsize X5

X5 Cacepacking 
On-demand packaging system

The Packsize X5 machine is capable of producing cardboard boxes in a wide range of variations, making it the perfect choice for e-commerce and manufacturing companies.
With the Packsize X5 machine, you can achieve faster and more efficient packing as it can produce up to 600 boxes per hour, utilizing only the necessary amount of cardboard.
  • Great flexibility
  • Cost-effective 


  • KUKA KR 40 PA palleteringsrobot

Technical SpecificationsPacksize X5

Capacity: Up to 600 boxes per hour
Box type: Fefco 0201
Functions: 5 fully automated functions 
Production capabiliity: Produces a box in just 6 secounds 


Packsize is a market-leading manufacturer of high-end on-demand packaging systems. Our machines specialize in customizing cardboard packaging that perfectly matches the volume of the goods to be shipped.

Packsize X7

  • KUKA KR Quantec PA 120/180/240 palleteringsrobotter

X7 Casepacking
On-demand packaging system

The X7 is an intelligent machine capable of creating, packing, and shipping in the right box size in just 3.5 seconds.
The X7 is ideal for e-commerce companies looking to optimize the delivery process and produce custom boxes just-in-time.
  • Great flexibility 
  • Cost-effective 




Technical SpecificationsPacksize X7

Capacity: Up to 1020 boxes per hour  
Functions: 7 fully automated functions  
Production capabillity: Produces a box in just 3.5 secounds 

Packsize EM7

EM7 Casepacking 
On-demand packaging system

Translation from Danish to English:

EM7 is in the top tier of on-demand packaging systems from Packsize. EM7 is a robust and reliable solution for businesses with complex needs in paper packaging.

EM7 can produce nearly any design of cardboard boxes, and with the machine's ability to handle 4 different widths and qualities of corrugated cardboard simultaneously, the possibilities are nearly unlimited.

  • Unlimited box sizes 
  • Up to 4 different widths and qualities
  • Optimization of storage space 
  • Better product and packaging fit
  • Can handle large amounts of packaging


  • KUKA KR 40 PA palleteringsrobot

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