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Shrink wrapper

A shrink wrapper - or sleeve wrapper - is used in productions where products must be shrink wrapped. Film is wrapped around the products, then welded and shrunk.

  • Meurer CM/FL Filmline (CBM)

CM/FL Filmline (CBM)

Meurer's Filmline CBM shrink wrapper is a unique and flexible machine. The latest generation of shrink wrappers based on 40 years of experience. The machines are modular, which makes it easier to adapt the machine when production is to be changed over to run new products.

The film is pre-stretched in the machine before it is shrunk, which results in film savings of 10-15% compared to similar products. It also means that instead of a large shrink tunnel, lateral fan heaters may be used. This significantly reduces energy consumption. The use of the latest servo technology also ensures high energy efficiency.

The Meurer Filmline CBM film wrapper uses the following types of film; PE, PP, PVC shrink film or PE stretch film.

​CM/FL Filmline (CBM)Short description

  • ​Modular construction for high flexibility
  • Film saving
  • Energy saving


The film is wrapped around the item inside the welding station, and as the item is pushed through the sealing bars, a cylinder descends to hold down on the top film as well as the item. The upper and under film are welded together, and all the package needs now is a slight shrink to close up the sides neatly. This method results in film savings of approx. 10-15% and a significant reduction in power consumption, as the shrink tunnel is reduced to a minimum.

The product infeed may be lateral, inline or high speed with chain drive.


Technical specifications

 CMB 400CMB 600CMB 800CMB 1000
Product width:50–400 mm50–600 mm50–800 mm50–1,000 mm
Product height:30–350 mm30–350 mm30–350 mm30–350 mm
Welding width:400 mm600 mm800 mm1,000 mm
Film roll diameter:Roll placed on top and bottom max. Ø400 mm; roll placed on the side max. Ø550 mm
Film types:PE, PP, PVC shrink film or PE stretch film


FACTSAbout Meurer

Meurer is a 50-year-old German company with more than 600 employees and long-standing proud traditions in the development and manufacture of packaging and packing machines.

Meurer supplies robust and reliable solutions that meet the most stringent requirements.

For this very reason, Meurer has been one of Sealing System’s loyal partners since 2003.

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