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Juliana Greenhouses A/S

Juliana reduces waste with new packaging solution


Sealing System has produced and delivered a packaging and palletizing system for Juliana Greenhouses in Odense. The company has automized the packaging of greenhouse elements with cardboard boxes managed by a Packsize packaging machine bought through Sealing System. In addition, we have delivered a packaging system which makes sure the greenhouses are packed properly and effectively, palletized by a Okura robot.

Short description

Juliana has more than 55 years of experience with producing greenhouses for customers in and outside Denmark.
The Greenhouses are drawn, made and developed at the factory in Odense.


Customized boxes w. Packsize EM7-35

The packaging system at Juliana includes a Packsize packaging solution which delivers boxes in different sizes.
With its longitudinal cutting capabilities to fit the content, the number of different boxes which the EM7 can create is limitless.
EM7 helps you achieve greater warehouse space, fewer product damages, and minimized void fill.

Packsize machine at Juliana in Odense

Functional description

Pakkeanlæg med rullebaner hos Juliana Drivhuse

Functional description

The solution contains of a Packsize machine which calculates the size of the box based on order number and -description.
The greenhouse elements are packed by hand in the boxes with an order-QR code, that is being scanned and then transported through the system.

The box are being glued, sealed, wrapped and finally a barcode and the order number are placed on the box. At the end, a Okura robot palletizes the boxes with a boxhand tool and then the order is ready to be shipped.


  • Packsize EM7-35 hos Juliana drivhuse
  • Indhegnet rullebaner til papkasser hos Juliana Drivhuse
  • Closeup af rullebaner hos Juliana Drivhuse
  • Papkasse på rullebaner ved Juliana Drivhuse
  • Closeup af rullebaner med aflang papkasse hos Juliana Drivhuse
  • Limning og foliering ved pakkeløsning hos Juliana Drivhuse
  • Okura robotpalletering hos Juliana Drivhuse

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