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Palletizing of buckets


Sealing System has produced and delivered a solution with two robotic palletizing cells, for automatic palletizing of buckets, to Atlas in Poland. The system has a specially designed bucket turning station and specially designed robotic tools for gentle handling and palletizing.


Short description

Atlas is a large and recognized manufacturer in Poland. Atlas produces a wide range of products for the construction industry; such as putty, plaster, primers and paints.



Functional description

Spandepalletering, palletering af spande Atlas

Functional description

The Solution consists of two internal transport lines, with modular conveyors transporting buckets for palletizing. At the end of each line is an Okura Robot palletizing cell with integrated sheet and pallet magazine. The specially designed robot tool is a combined gripping and vacum tool, handling both bucket palletizing and sheet laying.

Subsequently, the pallets with buckets, are transported on a conveyor for pallets and foil is applied. The stretch hood machine provides good protection for the pallets during transportation. 

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