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Skandinavisk Vintapperi

High speed palletizing of bag-in-box wine


Sealing System has delivered, installed and integrated a complete automatic solution for palletizing bag-in-box wine with individual stretch wrapping of quarter pallets for Skandinavisk Vintapperi (Skanvin). In particular, the individual stretch wrapping of quarter pallets is a newly developed, automated process.

Four quarter pallets are palletized at the same time. The  individual quarter pallet is then transported on a conveyor belt and wrapped with film. Then the four quarter pallets come together again on a EUR pallet, and the entire pallet is finally wrapped with film.

Skandinavisk Vintapperi

Short description

Skanvin in Glostrup is a Danish company specialized in filling, packaging and distribution of wine from all over the world. For years, the company has bottled and distributed wine in bottles, but with their new line, they can also fill, pack and palletize bag-in-box wine.

FactsWhy palletize on quarter pallets?

Quarter pallets are widely used in supermarkets, where they can be easily transported down the narrow passages between the goods shelves.

The solution

Fully automatic palletizer 

Skanvin’s solution consists of a complete palletizing and stretch wrapping system for bag-in-box wine.

The line consists of Sealing System’s own Ip-4 Greenline - a fully automatic palletizer able to palletize large quantities at high speed - up to four layers per minute. This version can palletize bag-in-box wine in trays - directly on quarter pallets. After palletizing, the quarter pallets are individually stretch wrapping and labeled, after which they are placed on a EUR pallet and stretch wrapped again. The system also consists of roller conveyors for product transport, modular and chain conveyors for the transport of pallets as well as stretch wrapping and labeling stations.

  • Sealing System’s IP-4 Greenline palletizer is perfect for a production line with continuous high capacity.

  • It is the ideal solution for palletizing wine if you want to wrap the quarter pallets individually, and then place the four quarter pallets on a EUR pallet which is then stretch wrapped.

  • This solution takes up less space than a palletizing cell with robots.

  • No manual changeover - all functions and changeover are fully automatic and controlled from the machine's HMI.

  • Sealing System IP-4 Greenline Palletizer

IP-4 Greenline

Higher degree of automation

Sealing System’s IP-4 greenline palletizer is the most environmentally friendly and reliable palletizer developed for 24/7 operation with a focus on minimal maintenance.

  • Higher degree of automation

  • Energy saving / green profile by means of servomotors

  • Up to four layers per minute

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