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CasepackingAutomatic packaging of products in cases or trays

Casepacking, which is automatic packing of products in cases or trays, comes in different types. The machine groups and formats the products which are conveyed inside an erected case, sealed at the bottom with tape. Some products have to be packaged as compactly as possible, for others, the essential requirement is gentle handling.

Manual packaging of products usually involves a tough and tedious process of repetitive operations which our customers seek to automate.

  • Lantech CP-1000 Casepacker pakkemaskine

CP-1000 Casepacker packaging machineAutomatic product packaging

The Lantech CP-1000 Casepacker is a compact packaging machine with a very small footprint and a throughput of up to 12 cases per minute. The Lantech CP-1000 is a topload casepacker, meaning that it places the products in the case from above.

  • Throughput of up to 12 cases per min.
  • Compact toploader
  • Small footprint

How it works

Sheet blanks are placed manually in the magazine, and this can be done without interrupting the production. The machine then picks up a sheet blank from the magazine and erects it to form a case. The case is then taken through the machine by the feed conveyors, and after filling, it is sealed with tape at the bottom. A photocell located downstream from the machine ensures that a new cycle is started.

FACTSAbout Lantech

Lantech is a Dutch/American company with more than 600 employees. Lantech is known for its world-class machines and equipment and is among the leaders in the development and manufacture of case erectors, case sealers and stretch wrappers. The company has taken out more than 130 different patents since it was established in 1972, which bears witness to their strong focus on innovative technology. The company has installed over 90,000 machines globally.  

Sealing System and Lantech have been partners since 1999.

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Packing machines can be integrated in various packing systems. For more solutions with packing machines, see our Cases section.

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