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Easyfood A/S

Complete packaging line for frozen sausage rolls


Easyfood in Kolding has installed a complete packaging line customized to handle sausage rolls in various sizes. Sealing System A/S is behind an comprehensive solution with multihead weighers, case erectors, case sealers, an Okura robot for palletizing, and much other equipment included in this solution.


In short

Based in Kolding, Easyfood produces innovative quality craftsmanship for the convenience category. Their products range widely from pre-baked goods that simply need to be thawed or heated for bake-off.

Relationship and cooperation

Relationship and cooperation

Line 3 is Easyfood's newest and most efficient line, where exclusively sausage rolls of different sizes and types are produced today. Previously, the sausage rolls were produced on lines 1 and 2. However, as the demand for sausage rolls grew, it resulted in them occupying too much capacity on the two lines, where many of Easyfood's other specialty products were also being produced.

As a result, Easyfood invested in a new line solely dedicated to the production of sausage rolls. Today, sausage rolls are exclusively manufactured on line 3. Sealing System's delivery begins once the sausage rolls are fully made and frozen.

The project commenced in 2019, and in 2020, Easyfood chose Sealing System as the supplier. It was a turning point for Easyfood as they decided to expand their production in Kolding. Firstly, the production has significantly improved, with the ability to produce 5-8% better than budgeted. There is much less waste, and as a result, the production has now been reduced to a 4-day week with long shifts due to high uptime. The two other lines can now accommodate more specialized products, which is a great advantage for Easyfood.

Currently, Easyfood has 160 employees, with 110 of them working in production.

Palletering, kasser med bleer, robotværttøj, KUKA,

Functional description

Komplet pakkelinje casepacker

Function description

The frozen sausage rolls come directly out of the freezer onto a product conveyor and are distributed into two Multihead weighers. The correct amount of rolls is then transferred and placed into a bagging machine that seals the bags. Following this, the bags are routed through a rumbler, flattening out the rolls in the bag, for them to be correctly positioned into a box. The flattened bags are then inspected by a metal detector and check weight. The sausage rolls are packed into boxes, followed by an ingredient list insertion. With the help of a case packer, case erectors, and sealers, the boxes are prepared for labeling and then palletized with an Okura robot, using a vacuum robot tool. The boxes are transported to a pallet wrapper where labeling is added to two sides.




”Sealing System A/S was chosen because they have high-quality products and can deliver really good machines in the high class, and also because Sealing System as a supplier could offer a complete solution from the freezer and onwards.”

– Svend Østergaard, Chief Technical Officer.

  • Komplet pakkelinje fra Sealing System A/S
  • Komplet pakkelinje fra Sealing System A/S
  • Komplet pakkelinje fra Sealing System A/S
  • Komplet pakkelinje fra Sealing System A/S
  • Lantech casepacker hos Polar Seafood Esbjerg
  • CPS casepacking af ferske pølsehorn hos Easyfood
  • Kasselukker med frosne pølsehos hos Easyfood
  • Komplet pakkelinje - palletering af kasse -  fra Sealing System A/S
  • Komplet pakkelinje - etikettering - fra Sealing System A/S

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