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Sealing System
IP-4 Greenline palletizer

Sealing System IP-4 Greenline palletizer is one of the most reliable palletizers on the market.
IP-4 Greenline was developed for 24/7 operation with minimum maintenance.

  • Sealing System IP-4 Greenline pallelaster er en af markedets mest miljøvenlige og driftssikre pallelastere. Ip-4 Greenline er udviklet til 24/7-drift med et minimum af vedligeholdelse.


Developed for 24/7 operation and with a focus on minimizing the maintenance requirements, Sealing System IP-4 Greenline palletizer is one of the most reliable palletizers available on the market. The design is based on more than 40 years' experience and over 1,200 palletizers delivered all over the world.

Sealing System
IP-4 Greenline palletizer

IP-4 Greenline is a whole new generation of fully automatic palletizers

The IP-4 Greenline palletizer sets new standards for handling accuracy and operating cost control. The palletizer head movements are controlled by servo motors, which ensures minimum maintenance costs. Quality timing belts ensure what is probably the highest performance and operational reliability on the market – as well as extremely low noise levels.

The machine will handle all commonly used packaging types such as cardboard cases, plastic boxes, open trays, film-wrapped items, lid/bottom packaging, etc.

The IP-4 Greenline palletizer has a throughput of up to four layers per minute. As an option, the palletizer can be extended to allow several production lines to use the same palletizer.

Thanks to the user-friendly operating panel, the operator can easily set up new palletizing patterns and modify existing patterns. Furthermore, any error condition will be shown graphically on the display panel, thereby minimizing stop times.

  • Sealing System IP-4 Greenline pallelaster

Sealing SystemIP-4 Greenline

  • Driven by servo motors
  • Low operating costs
  • High quality
  • Fully automatic changeover between different palletizing patterns
  • Pallet magazine may be refilled during operation
  • Automatic pallet magazine for loading empty pallets
  • Fully automatic palletizing
  • High throughput
  • Low noise level
  • Up to four layers per minute
  • Operationally reliable


Pallet dimension:1/1 Chep-pallets 1.000 × 1200 mm
1/1 EUR-pallets 800 × 1200 mm
½  EUR pallets  800 × 600 mm
Pallet magazine:10 pallets (Automatic)
Product sizes:Min. L 120 × W 120 mm × H 80 mm
Max. L 600 × W 500 m × H 450 mm
Noise level:< 80 dB (A) (product-dependent)
Throughput:Up to four layers per minute
Max. weight per pallet: Up to 1,500 kg per pallet (incl. the pallet)
Full pallet height:Standard max. 2,000 mm (incl. the pallet)
IP-4 GREENLINE – Options:¼ plastic pallets 400 × 600 mm, includes extra pallet magazine. Fully automated mounting of four ¼ pallets on one EUR pallet.

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