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Ishida and Sealing System
Control weighing of packaged products


A checkweigher is a machine used to check i.a. that the package contains the right number of items and products, and that the weight is correct.

Generally, food product declarations have to state a specific amount of content, expressed as a weight, volume, or number of items. The checkweigher checks the weight of a packaged product to ensure that it holds the correct amount of content. In order for the product to pass the checkweighing step, it must be contained in a closed/sealed packaging, which prevents subsequent addition or removal of products. The solution is intended to secure that the package as a minimum contains the amount specified in the declaration.

Short description

  • Checkweighing of packaged products

  • Checking the correct number of items/products in the package

  • Quality management – checking that the package contains the specified amount

Ishida Checkweighers

Accurate checkweighing for high-capacity set-ups

Ishida's checkweighers are among the best products on the market. Ishida's checkweighers are designed to run accurately at high capacity.

Ishida also manufactures multihead weighers for weighing products, and a checkweigher is often installed downstream from these. The checkweigher can also be supplied as a stand-alone unit with a metal detector and/or an X-ray scanner and a common reject system.

  • Ishida Chekvægt


Short description

  • Accurate weight checking

  • Accuracy

  • High quality

  • High throughput and speed

  • Flexibility


Technical specifications

Weighing ranges:15g/30g - 600g
35g - 1.500g
125g/200g - 3.000g
​350g - 6.000g
Minimum discharge distribution, depending on model and weighing range:0,2g - 2g
Speed:200-330 weighings/min.
Accuracy, depending on model and weighing range:+/-0,2 to +/-1,6g
Product dimension, depending on model and weighing range:Length: 46-500mm
Width: 20-400mm

FactsAbout Ishida

Ishida is a Japanese family-owned company, founded in 1893, which employs a staff of some 3,600. Ishida is a world leader in production of multihead weighers, quality control (seal testers, x-ray scanners, check weighers) and snackfood bagging machines.

Sealing System has been a reseller of Ishida's sophisticated automatic equipment since 1995. The solutions are sold either as stand-alone machines or as components for integration in complete packing lines. Ishida has installed 50,000 multihead weighers globally.

Ishida is co-operating with a host of international groups and always meets the most rigorous standards. Ishida has taken out a huge number of patents related to the multihead weigher, so in actual fact it is not possible to manufacture a multihead weigher without using technology patented by Ishida.

We know of several Ishida units which are still working at full production capacity even though they are more than 30 years old.

Sealing System Checkweighers

  • Sealing System checkvægt

Sealing System
Simple weight checking

A checkweigher from Sealing System is designed for production lines where the product weight needs to be checked.

The checkweigher can easily be integrated in existing production lines.

The packaged products are weighed to check for overweight or underweight. This checks that the packaging contains the right number of items/products. The machine is intended exclusively for checkweighing and is therefore not suitable for use in connection with an E-Scale.

The checkweigher can be equipped with a reject system. The checkweigher can be mechanically and operationally adapted to the customer's specific operations. A Sealing System standard product which can be integrated directly in our PLC and HMI systems.

The checkweighers from Sealing System are available with modular conveyors or power rollers and can be seamlessly integrated in Sealing System's internal transport systems.

Sealing System Checkweighers

Short description

  • Simple weight checking

  • Checks that the package contains the right amount of items/products

  • Customizable

  • Direct integration in Sealing System's PLC/HMI systems


Technical specifications

Product length: Up to 600 mm
Product width: Up to 456 mm
Product height: Up to 900 mm
Max. load Approx: 150 kg

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