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Automated palletizing solution increases efficiency at VELUX


The VELUX factory, Østbirk Bygningsindustri is located near Horsens. Here many types of windows are made, which contribute to optimizing buildings with a lot of day light and fresh air. Sealing System was chosen by the company to deliver and install a complete palletizing solution at the factory which has increased the efficiency significantly. Before the solution the windows were packed and palletized manually by the employees. The KUKA-robot and the robot tools are customized for Østbirk Bygningsindustri and the result is the biggest robot of its kind delivered by Sealing System. Furthermore, a special strap-machine is made which responsibly pack the windows before leaving the factory.  


Short description

VELUX is a big, international group with Danish roots. For more than 80 years VELUX has produced energy efficient windows, and now has departments in more than 40 countries.  

The human is on top of mind when VELUX designs buildings with focus on healthcare, sustainability, and the environment.

The solution

KUKA robot palletizing installation for Velux by Sealing System

The solution

The installation at Østbirk Bygningsindustri contains of a palletizing solution for windows, custom made by Sealing System. The packed windows are being transported on a roller conveyor to a station where the item is centered. The palletizing robot place a sheet on top of the box with the window and the item is moved to a pallet, which is moved once again to a vertical fixer. Here corners are applied before the pallet with window and sheet are fixed as an assembled unit. Six pallets can be stacked and then they are ready to be picked up.

KUKA robot palletizing of windows for Velux

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