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Polar Seafood Esbjerg A/S

New and updated packaging solution for frozen shrimps


Polar Seafood in Esbjerg has got a new packaging solution, customized to handle frozen shrimps.
Sealing System has delivered an interesting solution with a multihead weigher from Ishida, a case erecter
and -sealer from Lantech and an Okura palletizing robot is included in the packaging solution.

Short description

With the head office in Nuuk Greenland, Polar Seafood is the largest privately owned fishing company in Greenland. Besides the company is one of Scandinavia’s key suppliers of a wide range of seafood products for processors, catering, retail among others.  

Functional description

Polar Seafood with Lantech case erector and -sealer

Functional description

The frozen shrimps are being weighted and dosed in an Ishida multihead weigher and the right amount are led into a GEA bag machine which wraps the shrimps. Hereafter the wrapped shrimps are checked the weight of a packaged product to ensure that it holds the correct amount of content and packed in cardboard boxes by a CPS Casepacker and case erector and -sealer from Lantech, and labels are added. Then the boxes are transferred by driven roller conveyor with drum motor to an Okura robot which stacks the boxes on a pallet with a vacuum robot tool. Beside a sheet magazine from Palcut is applied.

Precise weighing with multihead weigher from Ishida


The RVE series of multihead weighers from Ishida is guaranteed a high performance. The weigher is extremely accurate for weighing products like easy flow products to dry, fresh or frozen products. The RVE series er known for its high quality and the user-friendly integration with existing productions.  

  • Okura-robot palletizing frozen shrimps
  • Okura robot palletizing solution at Polar Seafood
  • Packaging solution with pallet magazine at Polar Seafood
  • Palcut sheetmagazine and packaging solution at Polar Seafood Esbjerg
  • Lantech casepacker at Polar Seafood in Esbjerg
  • CPS casepacking of frozen shrimps at Polar Seafood
  • Ishida multihead weigher with frozen shrimps at Polar Seafood

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