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Over a period of years, Sealing System has supplied Abena with no fewer than 10 packing and palletizing lines for nappies. The first line was installed in 2002. Sealing System has also been responsible for a large part of the internal transport systems at Abena - not only in terms of product transport, but also pallet transport on roller and chain conveyors, stretch wrapping and transport to storage facilities.

More than 600,000 pallets have run through the lines since 2002, which testifies to robustness and stability. All 10 lines have transported a total of more than 3 million pallets.


Short description

Abena produces over three million nappies and incontinence products daily at their Aabenraa factory. 127 pallets are produced every hour, every day, every week.

The solution

Product transport, Abena, boxes with nappies, modular conveyor, conveyor belt, conveyor

The solution

The line at Abena consist of a Lantech Casepacker solution filling bags with nappies in cardboard boxes. The packed boxes are then conveyed to the palletizing robots, packed on pallets and stretch wrapped. Subsequently, the pallets are fed into a vertical conveyor - a kind of product elevator where pallet conveyors up under the roof lead them into the warehouse.

There is also a built-in buffering space to avoid a full production stop if errors occur somewhere on the line. 

Sealing System has delivered case packers, products and pallet conveyors, as well as robot palletizing cells for all of Abena's 10 production lines.

Customer satisfaction

Business relations and cooperation (customer satisfaction)

According to Bo Groth Christensen, Head of Electrical Engineering at Abena, good customer relations and cooperation are crucial. He has clearly felt that Sealing System has “invested” in Abena and has gone the extra mile to build good business relations.

“Cooperation and good business relations mean everything. They know us, our quality and our employees, and they know what we stand for.”– Bo Groth Christensen, Head of Electrical Engineering.

  • A turnkey supplier of packing and palletizing solutions
  • Good relations and good cooperation
  • One regular contact - the direct contact.
  • Long-lasting solution
  • Stable operation
Palletizing, cases with nappies, robot tools, KUKA,

“If we ask several suppliers for quotations, we get the cheapest solution - and that’s not what we’re interested in. We want the best technological solution. We only want what we know works well."

“Our cooperation with the service department is absolutely superb. We have close and direct contact, and problems are dealt with quickly.”

– Bo Groth Christensen, Head of Electrical Engineering

KUKA, robot palletizing, Pallet magazine, palletizing of nappies

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