Complete packaging and palletizing solutions

Total supplier of automated end-of-line solutions

Turnkey packaging and palletizing lines

Visual process

Our custom-made solutions include everything from stand-alone packaging solutions to complete automatic filling, packaging and palletizing solutions, custom-made tools and integrated conveyor systems. 

We have made an animation of the product’s path through all the processes of the entire packaging line to illustrate the various functions that may be included in our intelligent packaging solutions.

Dosage and weighing

Dosage and weighing

Accurate and efficient dosing / weighing of raw materials / products for filling in bags.

Internal transport systems

Internal transport systems

Product and modular conveyors for product transport and handling. Roller conveyor, belt conveyor or modular conveyor. Conveyors for transporting pallets in internal systems. The pallets are transported on roller or chain conveyors.

Quality control

Quality control

Various methods to ensure the quality of your products, mainly in food production. For example, check weighing of products, detection of foreign bodies or detection of leaks in packaging.


Fully automatic palletizing solution with PET bottles 

Selected case

Packaging solution at Polar Seafood in Esbjerg

Bryggeriet Vestfyen A/S

Fully automatic system for palletizing PET bottles with individual foil wrapping of quarter pallets.

We are a turnkey supplier of Intelligent Packaging Solutions

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