26. September 2023


From a trading company to a project-oriented knowledge hub

On October 1st, it will be 25 years since Rolf Tange established Sealing System A/S with Kjeld Østergaard Jensen as the Sales Director. In celebration of this anniversary, Rolf and Kjeld have been interviewed about their collaboration, customer relationships, and the future.

Sealing System A/S was established on October 1, 1998, with Rolf Tange as the CEO and Kjeld Østergaard Jensen as the Sales Director. At that time, Rolf and Kjeld were selling packaging machines for wrapping products in foil. It was because of these machines that the company was named Sealing System in 1998.

However, their vision and focus evolved over time. They realized they wanted to do more than just sell foil machines. They aspired to provide end-of-line solutions. "In 2003, we changed our philosophy to have Sealing System sell and advise customers on which machines were best for their production," says Rolf.

Rolf Tange og Kjeld Østergaard Jensen ejer Sealing System
Sealing System in Grindsted

In-house production with a focus on high-quality

In 2003, Sealing System embarked on its journey of in-house production, focusing on high-quality transport conveyors for their foil machines. It was also the year when the first robot was sold. The company began a significant transformation, shifting from a trading company to a production and knowledge hub with a sharp focus on end-of-line solutions. They retained a diverse range of customer industries throughout this transformation.


Maintaining the quality of their end-of-line solutions at the level of the machines they chose to keep during the company's reorientation was crucial to Rolf and Kjeld. Kjeld elaborates: "What was important to us was that the quality of the machines we chose to retain, such as Meurer, matches the quality we have in our in-house production today. It was somewhat atypical because many other companies at that time purchased these conveyors abroad, whereas we chose to produce them locally. Many questioned how that could be possible, as it might be more expensive. However, the quality was superior."

This is what Rolf and Kjeld are most proud of

When asked what they are most proud of when reflecting on the company they have built, Rolf and Kjeld are both deeply proud of two significant achievements. First, they highlight the satisfaction they derive from delivering excellent solutions to happy customers.

Rolf expresses this sentiment, saying, "Personally, what I'm proud of is when we create good solutions where customers are highly satisfied. When we revisit them, we can feel their happiness. I think both of us also take pride in the fact that we have created a lot of job opportunities."

Secondly, they take pride in the company's acquisition by Polaris, which signifies a significant milestone in Sealing System's journey. Kjeld adds: "Achieving the point where the company could sell the majority of its shares to Polaris is a significant milestone. It's a goal we've aimed for, and successfully reaching this level, with the size and the respect that surrounds Sealing System today, is, in my opinion, the highest achievement possible."

The headquarter of Sealing System in Grindsted
KUKA robot at the production hall of Sealing System

Good Collaborations and employees create success

The anniversary provides an opportunity to reflect on how they have managed to create a successful company. Rolf and Kjeld emphasize that there would be no workplace without the employees. They consider their employees the most valuable resource.

Success is also attributed to what they themselves call the best suppliers. This collaboration is essential for running a successful business, and they look back on 25 years of fruitful partnerships. Furthermore, Sealing System stands out in the market with its end-of-line solutions. While some can produce individual machines, Sealing System integrates everything seamlessly. After 25 years, customers know what Sealing System delivers, and the company has an excellent reputation.

Rolf and Kjeld fully understand that it's the customers who drive the company. They expect Sealing System to be at the forefront of technological development and deliver every time.

Sealing System's mantra is that they want to be a leader in the field. However, Rolf and Kjeld like to emphasize this slightly differently. They highly prioritize delivering reliable systems and constantly strive to stay ahead of societal developments. The company is involved in sustainability projects and is also exploring opportunities in AI.

Regarding machine development, Rolf and Kjeld highlight the German company Packsize, which has introduced a new product on the market—a machine that produces product-customized cardboard boxes. Sealing System has already used it several times as part of their end-of-line solutions.

”We deliver on our promises – we never back down from a problem.
We persist until we've solved it"

25 years of collaboration through
thick and thin

It almost sounds like the headline for a retrospective on a silver wedding anniversary.  Several important elements resemble a successful marriage when comparing it to a professional partnership. "From the very beginning, we've remained true to our roles within the company," says Rolf. They've utilized their differences and keenly recognized each other's strengths. Throughout their journey, they've shared the same goal but approached it from different perspectives.

Through thick and thin, they've truly come to understand each other and their customers better. Here, they also express gratitude for their leadership team, with whom they've been able to brainstorm and collaborate.

A huge banner in front of Sealing System marks the 25 years jubilee
Robot palletizing solution for Abena by Sealing System

Customer relations

The recipe for a company that continues to grow after 25 years includes strong customer relationships, according to Rolf and Kjeld. They make it a point to conduct themselves with integrity and trustworthiness toward their customers. Collaborating with customers as a team is important to them. And if mistakes are made, acknowledging them is crucial to maintain credibility.

Kjeld adds, "What used to be on our website in the old days, that we were a solid, West Jutland company. I don't think that's wrong."

As examples of customers who have been with them from the start, they mention Abena, which came on board in 2002, before Sealing System began in-house production. In 2004, they welcomed Grundfos, VPG, and the local company Dupont. Rolf and Kjeld are humbled that these customers are still part of their portfolio.

"We deliver on our promises – we never back down from a problem. We persist until we've solved it," emphasizes Rolf.

What does the future hold for Sealing System?

Sealing System will continue to focus on its four segments: Bio Factories, Pharma, Industrial, and Food. Bio and Pharma are poised to be the major growth areas, with primary expansion taking place in Northern Europe, where new sites will be established to create a workforce. The Bio segment, on the other hand, has growth potential worldwide.

Kjeld emphasizes that this growth should be organic. However, Rolf and Kjeld will continually explore opportunities to acquire more knowledge and capacity for the company.

Regarding the Food and Industrial sectors, Sealing System operates at the market turnover achievable here in Denmark. But with Polaris and the acquisition, ambitious goals have been set for the company, which is why there are currently new hires in sales and support departments.

"25 years and still evolving," concludes Kjeld. Rolf adds, "We are proud of the company because not many reach this point when starting from scratch."

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