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Nørager Mejeri

Packaging of cheese in cups


Sealing System has delivered, installed and integrated a packaging solution for packaging cubes of white cheese in cups or glasses. Previously, the cups / glasses were packed manually in boxes. Nørager Mejeri has gained a higher degree of automation and is now able to work at a higher capacity.

The solution is dimensioned for six different cup types with the option of changeover. Throughput is up to 20 cases of six products each per minute.

About Nørager Mejeri

Nørager Mejeri is part of Nordex Food - a privately owned Danish dairy company specializing in the production of white cheese. Nørager Mejeri produces approx. 20,000 tons of white cheese per year and has approx. 140 employees.

The new packaging solution

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The new packaging solution

The solution consists of product module conveyors. Products are conveyed from production to the packaging unit, from where they are distributed down two tracks. A case erector erects the boxes and closes the bottom while a shoehorn system opens and fixates the boxes, so that they are ready to be filled. The picker moves cups of cheese into cases six at a time with a vacuum tool. The case is then closed with tape in the case sealer, then labeled and conveyed for palletizing.

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