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Palletizing of bags and boxes

New fully automatic robot palletizing solution


Palsgaard has bought a transport and palletizing solution a little out of the ordinary. It can run both bags  and boxes on the same conveyor belt as well as vertical conveyor etc., on all lines. 

Short description

Palsgaard is a worldwide company from Denmark with specialized knowledge and production of ingredients such as emulsifiers and stabilizers. Ingredients added to food products to provide the right consistency, texture, flavor, aroma, and vitamin content.

Previous production

Palsgaard sækketransport

Previous production

From old machines to a new fully automatic palletizing line

In the previous production, Palsgaard had an old palletizing line with over 20 years of working hours. The old line had palletizers as well as manual palletizing. The flexibility and conversion were a major challenge earlier , as bags and boxes could not be handled on the same lines.

The old facility was plagued by many stops and required quite a lot of service and maintenance. Therefore, Palsgaard decided that it was time to upgrade their equipment and get a fully automatic system which has greater flexibility and requires less maintenance.

The solution

The solution

Palsgaard has bought a transport and palletizing solution a little out of the ordinary. It can run both bags  and boxes on the same conveyor belt as well as vertical conveyor etc., on all lines.

For the robots, we have a custom-made multifunctional robot tool, so that one tool can handle both bags with a baghand function, and boxes are vacuumed by a boxhand function. Sheets for pallets are handled with sheet gripper arms, mounted on the robot tool. The focus in this task has been that Palsgaard should be able to run the different types of products, with minimal conversion.


Benefits of the new palletizing solution

One of the biggest advantages of the new solution is the flexibility. The new lines are  equipped with palletizing robots, as a replacement for the palletizers. By switching to palletizing robots, Palsgaard gets a higher flexibility. They can run all products on all lines and the programming of the robots is simple, more flexible, and faster. Switching between different setting for bag handling and box handling is fast and easy for the operators because the new palletizing line is fully automatic.


  • Easy and fast conversion
  • Greater flexibility
  • User-friendly operation
Okura Ai1800 palleteringsrobot Sækkepalletering

Functional description

Functional description

The solution consists of four internal transport lines, in the form of modular and roller conveyors as well as a vertical conveyor, for product transport. The four lines are distributed on two Okura robot palletizing cells with associated sheet and pallet magazine. The robot tool is a combined gripping and vacuum tool that can handle bags and boxes, as well as sheet loading.

The conveyor where the robot picks up  the bag, has a built-in tilt function, which ensures that the contents of the bag are distributed, which combined with a sack tower ensures the bags to be stable and optimally placed on the pallet. Subsequently, the pallets are transported on the same pallet track for application of top foil and pallet wrapping to protect the pallet during transport. Finally, the pallet gets labels affixed on all four sides, as the last step before being transported to the storage facility.

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