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Robot palletizing solutions are available with a variety of robots and customized to the specific job at hand. Sealing System uses robots from Okura, KUKA, and ABB which are all able to perform high-capacity and high-accuracy palletizing.

Our standard palletizing solution with an AUBO collaborative robot, is an economical alternative for low capacity and flexible required production setups.

The robot's tools can be used for a variety of processes, such as handling all types of pallets, intermediate sheets, and different types of packaging such as boxes, bags, trays, cans etc.


Okura robot palletizing

Okura's robots have been developed especially for palletizing and depalletizing operations. These operations are characterized by relatively calm movements, which makes the robots highly operationally reliable. Okura's robots require only a minimum of maintenance. The robots are dedicated to palletizing operations, which ensures that the robot is readily installed and easy to operate.

Okura palleteringsrobot


KUKA palleteringsrobot

KUKA robot palletizing

KUKA offers a wide range of products and is a global manufacturer of robots. KUKA manufactures robots of every type, ranging from small collaborative handling robots to large industrial and palletizing robots for all types of industry. KUKA is a widely recognized brand – reputed for its high precision, quality, and performance. This is equally characteristic of KUKA's palletizing robots which we at Sealing System use extensively for our robot palletizing solutions.


ABB robot palletizing

ABB's leading palletizing robot, the compact IRB 460, is one of the fastest palletizing robots on the market. This unit can significantly reduce cycle times and increase performance in end-of-line palletizing and bag palletizing operations. With a reach of 2.4 meters, this compact 4-axis robot can accomplish up to 36 cycles/minute with a 60 kg load. Thanks to its small footprint, the fast 4-axis robot is ideal for integration in existing packaging lines.

ABB palleteringsrobot


AUBO cobot palleteringsrobot

AUBO robot palletizing

An AUBO palletizing solution is a compact, flexible solution suitable for production set-ups with large product variation and low capacity. This palletizing solution consists of an AUBO cobot, a collaborative robot designed to work in close co-operation with people.

It takes up considerably less space than other solutions and can be integrated without requiring modifications to the existing production line, as the cobot is approved to work without safety fencing. In addition, it can quickly be reprogrammed or moved and implemented elsewhere in the production.


CRX Collaborative Industrial Robot Series

Fanuc's latest collaborative robot, the CRX, is a flexible robot capable of operating in both collaborative and industrial modes. This functionality makes the robot ideal for working alongside and alongside operators.

The robot is ideal for tasks such as palletizing and picking/packing.

The robots have a payload ranging from 5-30kg with a reach from 994-1889.

FANUC CRX is also available for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Kollaborativ robot FANUC CRX

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