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Complete packing and palletizing solutions for slaughterhouse produce


NORTURAShort description

Sealing System has developed, produced and installed a complete solution for repacking slaughterhouse produce in plastic cases into cardboard cases for shipping.

Nortura is Norway's largest supplier of meat, employing 5,500 staff and with a turnover of NOK 22 billion.

Complete repacking solution

Complete repacking solution

Complete repacking solution. The solution includes depalletizing of plastic boxes and a palletizing robot. The plastic boxes with slaughterhouse produce are depalletized from pallets on pallet roller conveyors on to modular product conveyors. The plastic boxes are then conveyed to the six workstations where the products are manually packed in cardboard boxes for shipment. The packed boxes are transported to a palletizing robot. The robot palletizes boxes from three different packing lines.

  • Depalletizing of plastic boxes using a robot
  • 6 workstations for repacking in cardboard boxes
  • Solution with robot palletizing from 3 lines
  • Complete, automatic transportation and handling system
  • Complete control for system integration and HMI

Complete packaging solution

Complete packaging solution

Complete packing and palletizing solution at Nortura, for packaging and palletizing slaughterhouse produce.

The solution consists of three different packaging lines for packing bags of slaughterhouse produce. The bags are conveyed to a robot picker or wrap around packer on product conveyors. Subsequently, the boxes are transported to one of the two robot palletizing units.

  • Product and pallet transport
  • Three packaging systems robot picker / wrap around
  • Palletizing solution with two palletizing robots
  • Film wrapping and labeling
  • Complete, automatic transportation and handling system
  • Electronic control for system integration and related HMI

Sorting and palletizing solution

Sorting and palletizing solution

Automatic, robot-based picking, sorting and palletizing system that handles plastic boxes from production to order-compiled palletizing – ready for shipment.

Sealing System is the turnkey supplier of the solution, which consists of four picking and sorting robots, one palletizing robot as well as a complete, automatic conveyer system and electronic control for system integration.

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