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Sealing System
Press station
Stable sack palletizing

Sealing System’s press station has been developed for stable palletizing of sacks, so that they do not move on the pallet. The sacks are stacked and pressed, which provides a stable and optimally packed pallet. This type of sack palletizing is ideal when there is no time for the sacks to ‘settle’.

  • Optimal sack palletizing
  • Stable sack palletizing

How it works

The station is built with a pallet conveyor that can fixate the pallet which ensures the correct positioning of the pallet in the press station. A hoist drives the pallet up to the max. pallet height after which one layer at a time will be placed on it via a chute. The chute has side boards which press the products while they are palletized.

There are two staggered boards at the top of the lift which will converge during palletizing.

The sacks are stacked in a pattern on the boards in the tower, and when the pattern is finished, the four guiding boards will press against the products. This ensures optimum stacking of the pattern. Then the boards open under the product, so that the pattern is guided down the chute.

When the pallet has been palletized, it is possible to have the pallet pressed up against the underside of the palletizing boards to stabilize the pallet. When the pallet has been stacked / palletized, it is led out of the chute, and a new pallet can run into the starting position.


Pallet dimension:
Length: 1,200 mm
Width: 800-1,000 mm 

Pallet height: Max. 1,950 mm
Max. weight/pallet: 1,200 kg
Pallet changeover: Max. 30 sec.
Layer changeover: 5 sec.

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