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Big packaging system replaces long walking distances


A new, big warehouse caused the need for a complete packaging system at DCS in Trige which sells and distributes IT-products with day-to-day delivery. The new facility automizes a lot of the former workflows and shortens long working distances of the employees.

Short description

DCS ApS is a private owned IT company with a warehouse in Trige, north of Aarhus. Here, 250.000 products are located, which the company sells for B2B customers at their webshop.

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The solution

Produkttransport, Abena, kasser med bleer, modulbane, båndbane, transportbånd

The solution

With the new packaging facility, a great part of the packaging process at DCS has been automated. The average processing time per order has dropped significantly and is now only 22 minutes which is exceptionally low.

DCS has streamlined workflows with the new packaging system including a Packsize machine which produces customized cardboard boxes. The carboard is cut in the right size to fit the size of the product and put together. Then it is being transported to the buffer conveyor for collecting.

The new warehouse at DCS resulted in longer walking distances in the packaging department for the employees. Product conveyors placed different places in the warehouse make sure that when the products are picked and placed in the boxes, they will be transported further. Here they will also be check weighted and photographed. A process which has eliminated a lot of errors because it will be registered if the right content is in the boxes.

There is a product line too for the products which already has been wrapped.




"Our gut feeling was very good with Sealing System who was able to deliver a solution which simplifies our way of working; automized our processes and was the reason why we got more efficient in our workflows. We avoid difficulties when picking and packing."

 Daniel Pedersen, co-owner at DCS 

  • Boxes on buffer conveyor at DCS
  • Packsize X5 packaging machine
  • Product transport with conveyors
  • Driven roller conveyor with drum motor at DSC in Trige
  • Lantech case sealer at DCS in Trige
  • Product conveyors with cardboard boxes

Packsize - custom made cardboard boxes

Up to 600 boxes per hour with Packsize

On Demand Packaging solutions

Packsize specializes in customized cardboard boxes. The machines can handle cardboard pieces in different dimensions or specific demands regarding shipping as an example. When customizing every single order, it is possible to save resources on packaging and box filling. When using customized and smaller boxes it is possible to reduce the transport time.  

Thanks to the Packsize X5 packaging system, DCS can produce customized cardboard boxes. The machine distinguish itself by meeting high-volume demand for cardboard boxes, ideal for e-commerce and manufacturing businesses.

The packaging operation gets faster and more efficient by producing up to 600 ready-to-pack boxes per hour.


Packsize X5 packaging machine at DCS

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