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TINE Byrkjelo

Palletizing of cheese in trays


Sealing System has produced and delivered a solution to TINE Byrkjelo for the handling and palletizing of 10 kg and 20 kg cheeses. The solution involves automation of quality control, labeling and palletizing of cheeses.

The solution ensures the quality of the cheeses, e.g., by passing them through a metal detector and checking the vacuum packaging before palletizing.

The solution is sold as a turnkey solution, which is a commissioned and tested system upon completion with trained personnel ready to start production.

Tine Byrkjelo

Short description

TINE SA is Norway's largest producer of dairy products such as milk and cheese.

TINE Byrkjelo’s activities include production of Norvegia® and brown cheese as well as partial packaging of Norvegia®.

Functional description

Palletizing solution for case packing of cheese

Functional description

The cheeses are fed onto product conveyors and forwarded to the metal detector. Faulty products are pushed onto a reject conveyor.

Then the cheeses continue on a modular conveyor equipped with a photocell which registers any casein label attached to the cheeses. A number or a cross on the casein label indicates that the cheeses can be transported out of the cell for manual handling. The cheeses are then transported for control weighing and subsequent labeling.

The labels will allow the cheeses to be sorted into two categories. Category 1: Cheeses with an ideal weight. Category 2: Cheeses with a deviating weight. As an option, cheeses that deviate substantially may be taken to the reject conveyor.  A bar code scanner has been installed on the same modular conveyor which reads the bar code of the cheeses and sorts them into the two categories.

Before the cheeses are transported to the pick-up points by the robot, they are lifted away from the conveyor using a vacuum suction tool to ensure that the cheese packaging is intact. Now the cheeses are ready to be palletized. 10-kg cheeses are collected two and two and picked up. 20-kg cheeses are picked up one at a time. Both pickup stations can handle 10-kg and 20-kg cheeses.

The robot picks up empty pallets and places them in the two palletizing stations. The robot then picks up four empty plastic crates at a time and places them on the pallets at the two palletizing stations. The robot then picks up the cheeses from the two pick-up stations and fills them into the plastic crates.

 The pallet conveyor system is an extension of the two palletizing stations has been equipped with two pallet crossings and a chain conveyor. This allows the system to be filled with fully loaded pallets regardless of whether the pallets come from the one or the other palletizing station.

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