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Ahlsell AB

Large packaging facility with a focus on ergonomics


The picking and packing of customer orders in cardboard boxes and envelopes required the need for ergonomic, correctly designed pick stations for Ahlsell in Billund, which among other things distributes installation products to companies.

Short description

Ahlsell is the Nordic region's leading distributor of installation products, tools, and supplies for installation, construction, property management, industrial and energy companies, as well as the public sector.

Case video

The solution

Pakkeanlæg med ergonomien i fokus

The solution

With Ahlsell's new ergonomic workstations, the operator can adjust the workstation to the correct ergonomic height, thus achieving a better working posture. Each pick station is constructed with a packing table with a built-in scale and height-adjustable work platform. The packing table and work platform can be adjusted to the ergonomically correct heights relative to the operator standing at the workstations.

Picked boxes and envelopes from the 7 pick stations merge onto the out-feed belt towards the shipping area. The boxes and envelopes are transported on modular belts and spiralveyors out to the shipping area. Along the way, the boxes are sorted out via an edge belt and the envelopes subsequently slide down a chute. The boxes are then moved forward to a vertical conveyor and lowered down to packing stations. The operator places a packing slip in the box, which is then closed and sorted according to shipping routes.

The solution includes waste belts where the operator can dispose/place empty cardboard packaging on the belt, which is then automatically transported out to a cardboard compactor.

Ergonomics in the workplace

The importance of ergonomics in the workplace

The ergonomic design at Ahlsell ensures that each operator can adjust their workstations to the correct height, which minimizes the risk of harmful body positions and movements. A proper working position can significantly reduce the chances of developing disorders caused by overexertion.

  • Packsize X5 pakkemaskine
  • Pakkeanlæg, mauel pakkestation, produktbaner

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