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Sealing System
IGT Gantry palletizing

Gantry palletizing from Sealing System is intended for palletizing jobs with limited space and/or low throughput. Gantry palletizing is very easy to integrate into existing packaging systems.

By default, Gantry palletizing is designed for handling cases that can be drawn from the top with a vacuum tool. It may also be supplied with other tools for palletizing other product types. Operation by means of pushbuttons and a 7” touch display.

  • Compact palletizing solution
  • Small footprint
  • Customizable
  • Full machine safety
  • HMI control - touch display


IGT Gantry palletizing

Case dimensions:
Length: 100-800 mm
Width: 100-600 mm
Height: 10-800 mm
Weight: 0-15 kg

Up to seven cases per minute

Pallet dimensions:
Length: 400-1200 mm
Width: 600-1000 mm
Height: 100-200 mm
Height incl. products: 100-2000 mm

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Palletizing can be integrated in many different types of packaging solutions. See other examples of palletizing solutions in our Cases section.

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