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Meurer and Lantech


Tray erectors are used for erecting trays from flat sheet blanks. A Sealing System tray erector can be integrated into almost any production. We use tray erectors from Lantech and Meurer – both brands with many years of experience in the development and manufacture of tray erectors of high quality. The technology behind every tray erector is unique and ensures a very reliable production.

Meurer CM-TA

  • Meurer bakkerejser CM-TA 400/650

Tray erector CM-TA400/650

Meurer’s CM-TA series of tray erectors features compact and flexible machines that can erect trays with low and high edges as well as display trays. The tray erector has throughput of up to 25 cycles per minute.

  • Particularly suitable for erecting trays with low edges
  • Compact and flexible

  • Operationally reliable

  • High quality

  • Low operating costs
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Easy changeover of the format:
  • Optimal machine access due to the open design

MEURER CM-TA 400/650Functional description

The sheet blanks are placed manually in the magazine. The tray erector picks up a blank and feeds it through the machine. Glue is applied on the flaps before the blank is pressed through a forming funnel which erects the tray.

Meurer CM-TA 400/650 Technical specifications

Throughput: Up to 25 trays/min.
Tray length: 160–400/650 mm
Tray width: 60–300/400 mm
Tray height: 30–300 mm
Tray unfolded, length: 220–620/870 mm
Tray unfolded, width: 120–900/1,000 mm
Sealing method: Hotmelt

FACTSAbout Meurer

Meurer is a 50-year-old German company with more than 600 employees and long-standing proud traditions in the development and manufacture of packaging and packing machines.

Meurer supplies robust and reliable solutions that meet the most stringent requirements.

For this very reason, Meurer has been one of Sealing System’s loyal partners since 2003.

Lantech TE

TE tray erector

Lantech’s TE Tray erector is a series of good and stable small tray erectors with a throughput of up to 25 trays per min. Because of its small footprint, it can be integrated in virtually any production. The tray erector is easy to operate and designed so that an operator can carry out a complete changeover in 5-7 minutes.

  • Suitable for various types of trays
  • Complete changeover in 5-7 min
  • High quality
  • Low operating costs
  • Ergonomically correct filling of the magazine

Lantech TE bakkerejser


Functional description

Sheet blanks are placed manually in the magazine. The tray erector picks up a blank from the magazine and feeds it through the machine where it is glued and pressed through the forming device, where the tray is erected.

The machine comes with a photocell unit for installation downstream from the tray erector. When the photocell's line-of-sight is no longer blocked, a new cycle commences.


Technical specifications

Throughput, up to:25 trays/min.21 trays/min.17 trays/min.20 trays/min.
Tray, length:180–600 mm280-600 mm280-600 mm100-340 mm
Tray, width:100–400 mm200-400 mm200-400 mm180-260 mm
Tray, height:40-350 mm150/40-400/100 mm50-150 mm40-300 mm
Sealing method:HotmeltHotmeltFoldingHotmelt
Tray outfeed:Right or left side
Other:Complete monitoring of glue unit, magazine, etc., available as an option.

FACTSAbout Lantech

Lantech is a Dutch/American company with more than 600 employees. Lantech is known for its world-class machines and equipment and is among the leaders in the development and manufacture of case erectors, case sealers and stretch wrappers. The company has taken out more than 130 different patents since it was established in 1972, which bears witness to their strong focus on innovative technology. The company has installed over 90,000 machines globally.  

Sealing System and Lantech have been partners since 1999.

Lantech SC-1000

  • Lantech SC-1000 lukning af stabelkant

SC-1000 stacking edge closer

The Lantech SC-1000 inline is designed for closure of tray stacking edges. It is a good, reliable small stacking edge closer with a throughput of up to 20 trays per min.

The machine's small footprint allows it to be integrated in virtually any production line. The stacking edge closer is easy to operate, and it can close stacking edges on a variety of tray sizes. A folding frame is required for each tray size.

  • Stacking edge closure

  • Can fold the edges on an erected tray

  • Compact

  • High quality

  • Low operating costs

Lantech SC-1000Functional description

Trays are fed into the machine with the stacking edge in the open position. As the trays pass through the machine, glue is applied on the stacking edge and/or the tray sides. When a tray is located beneath the folding frame, the stacking edge is folded and glued. The finished tray is removed from of the machine.

Lantech SC-1000 Technical specifications

Throughput: Up to 20 trays/min.
Tray length: 200-600 mm
Tray width: 200-400 mm
Tray height: 40-100/400 mm
Stacking edge: 45-70 mm
Sealing method: Hotmelt
Other: Complete monitoring of the glue unit available as an option

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