Intelligent Packaging 
Solutions for the Food Industry


Efficient end-of-line packaging lines 

Optimization of food companies' production

Optimize your production with our expertise in end-of-line solutions for the food industry. Our fully automatic and thoroughly tested 'turnkey' solutions are designed to meet the unique needs and challenges of the food industry. With over 25 years of experience, Sealing System has cemented its position as one of the leading providers of automatic packaging line solutions in Northern Europe. End-of-line solutions for the food industry are one of our critical expertise zones, and our clientele includes several of the largest and most well-known Nordic companies in the food industry.

No two businesses are alike

We work closely with our customers to tailor our solutions to specific productions. Our team of experts is dedicated to delivering custom solutions that fit the specific production environment and requirements of our customers.

Our commitment and project management contribute to creating the best conditions for the project - whether we're developing specialized machinery, designing large automation solutions, or optimizing existing end-of-line solutions.

In Short 

  • We can adapt our equipment to meet the various hygiene requirements, including hygienic design, different IP boxes, and 304/316 stainless steel execution.
  • We deliver complete, fully automatic, and customer-adapted end-of-line solutions to the food industry.
  • We possess specialized knowledge in handling food, and we take ownership and responsibility throughout the entire process.
  • We provide advanced quality solutions that help to optimize resource usage and improve competitiveness.
  • End-of-line equipment for the food industry is one of our absolute core competencies.
  • We're ready to assist you with your next automation project!
  • Packsize EM7-35 hos Juliana drivhuse
  • Closeup af rullebaner hos Juliana Drivhuse
  • Papkasse på rullebaner ved Juliana Drivhuse
  • Limning og foliering ved pakkeløsning hos Juliana Drivhuse


Food cases

Read more about our customized end-of-line solutions for several of Denmark's and Scandinavia's largest food companies.


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