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Jensen Brød

Palletizing bread in boxes


Jensen Brød

Short description

Jensen Brød delivers bread to virtually all players in the retail and catering markets in Denmark, as well as to industrial customers. Jensen Brød is an Aalborg-based family-owned company which was founded in 1989.

  • Okura, robotpalletering, Jensen Brød, brød i kasser, sugeværktøj, robotværktøj
  • Okura, robotpalletering, Jensen Brød, brød i kasser, sugeværktøj, robotværktøj
  • Okura, robotpalletering, Jensen Brød, brød i kasser, sugeværktøj, robotværktøj
  • Jensen brød, palleteringsanlæg, Okura, robotpalletering, 3D tegning

Palletizing bread in boxes


Sealing System has produced and delivered a solution to Jensen Brød for palletizing frozen bake-off products for the supermarket chains. This solution involves automation of the company's palletizing process and comes with buffering capacity to keep production going with as few production stops as possible.

There is buffering space on all three production lines up until the palletizing robot. The pallet conveyors also have a large buffer capacity in the freezer, so that employees only need to enter the freezer when the buffer conveyor is to be emptied.

The solution is sold as a turnkey solution, which is a commissioned and tested system upon completion with trained personnel ready to start production.

Functional description

Okura, robot palletizing, Jensen Bread, bread in cases, suction tools, robot tools

Functional description

The cases are automatically erected in a case erector / bag-in-box and manually filled with bake-off products. The filled boxes are led to the case sealer and closed with tape. The sealed cases are labeled and passed on for palletizing via a product conveyor system.

An Okura palletizing robot palletizes cases with products from all three bakery lines to their respective palletizing stations. When the pallets are full, they are transported for film wrapping and labeling on a pallet conveyor system and then on to the freezer, where there is an unloading station with buffer capacity.

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