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AirScanTracking any leaks in modified atmosphere packaging (MAP)

Ishida AirScan is a unique product for detecting leaks by means of laser technology. MAP requires 100% tightness of the product packaging. Even the slightest leak may cause the product to deteriorate faster than expected. By implementing automatic tightness control, manual quality control can be dispensed with.

Ishida AirScan is an inline seal tester. This means that all items are checked without damaging the packaging - in sharp contrast to the sample checks otherwise being used.

Short description

  • All items are checked

  • Detection of leaks without damaging the packaging

  • Unique laser technology for leak detection

  • High throughput - up to 180 items per minute

Ishida AirScan Sporing af utætheder ved pakning i modificeret atmosfære (MAP)

Leak detection

Ishida AirScan relies on unique laser technology to track any leaks. AirScan detects holes in the packaging down to 0.25 mm and has a throughput of up to 180 items per minute. For optimum effect, the gas must have a certain content of CO2, as it is CO2 that can be detected by means of the unique laser technology.

It is a flexible product available as a stand-alone machine or as part of a complete solution. It can be integrated into existing conveyor systems or be delivered as a unit complete with conveyor and reject system.

Typical products: all kinds of fresh meat, fish, salads, ready meals, bread, sliced cheese and grated cheese - e.g. in bags, trays and flow pack.

Ishida airscan Sporing af utætheder ved pakning i modificeret atmosfære (MAP)


Sensitivity:Leakage detection down to 0.25 mm, depending on speed and CO2 content of items
Minimum CO2 MAP content:10% or more
Throughput:Up to 180 items/min.
Maximum item size:L300 x W300 x H150 mm
Minimum item size:L70 x W70 x H10 mm
Reaction time:20 ms

FactsAbout Ishida

Ishida is a Japanese family-owned company, founded in 1893, which employs a staff of some 3,600. Ishida is a world leader in production of multihead weighers, quality control (seal testers, x-ray scanners, check weighers) and snackfood bagging machines.

Sealing System has been a reseller of Ishida's sophisticated automatic equipment since 1995. The solutions are sold either as stand-alone machines or as components for integration in complete packing lines. Ishida has installed 50,000 multihead weighers globally.

Ishida is co-operating with a host of international groups and always meets the most rigorous standards. Ishida has taken out a huge number of patents related to the multihead weigher, so in actual fact it is not possible to manufacture a multihead weigher without using technology patented by Ishida.

We know of several Ishida units which are still working at full production capacity even though they are more than 30 years old.

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