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Sealing System has supplied Biogan with an AUBO palletizing solution. Based in Lystrup near Aarhus, Biogan is a wholesale company trading exclusively in organic goods (food and non-food) for grocery stores, health food and specialty stores.

  • AUBO cobot, palletering, kolonial, biogan, sugeværktøj, robotværtøj
  • AUBO cobot, palletering, kolonial, biogan, sugeværktøj, robotværtøj
  • AUBO cobot, palletering, kolonial, biogan, sugeværktøj, robotværtøj

From manual to automatic

From manual palletizing to automated palletizing

Before Biogan received the AUBO palletizing unit, palletizing was done manually. This meant, among other things, that the plant had to be stopped when the track was filled with boxes. Biogan runs many different products on the same packaging line, and therefore the boxes may vary in weight and size.

The ideal solution was an AUBO palletizer thanks to its speedy changeover between productions. Biogan rented the palletizing unit for half a year to find out if it was the right solution. When they decided to purchase the palletizer, the six-month rental was deducted as a discount.

AUBO cobot palletizing solution

The cobot palletizing solution consists of product conveyors as well as an AUBO palletizing solution with suction tools. The AUBO robot is an i10. The robot arm can lift up to 10 kg.

AUBO cobot palletizing solution

AUBO cobot, palletizing, groceries, biogan, suction tools, robot tools

AUBO cobot palletizing solution

The AUBO robot is collaborative robot. As it does not require any safety fencing, it takes up significantly less space than other similar solutions.

The palletizing solution reduces the amount of heavy lifting on a daily basis. At the same time, the process is faster when there is no need to stop production when changing from one production to another.

The robot can be integrated without necessarily having to change the existing line.

  • Throughput of up to five picks per minute without the need for security fencing

  • Fast changeover between product types

  • No heavy lifting. It makes life easier for the employees who previously had to move the boxes on to the pallet manually

  • Competitive price

  • Compact and simple solution

  • Ideal for production with great product variation

  • "Teach function” where each position can be set manually

  • Easy to program

  • Significantly less expensive than other solutions in the same category

Flexibility and high precision

Flexible and precise

A Cobot can release labor or assist employees with manually performed, monotonous and grueling tasks. Great variation in movement ensures that the cobot can perform repeated movements with high precision. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for pick and place / handling and palletizing jobs.

The cobot is ideal for companies with great variation in products or product variants (weight and size), where rapid changeover is crucial. It can quickly be reprogrammed or moved and implemented elsewhere in the production.

AUBO cobot, palletizing, test, suction tools, robot tools
AUBO cobot, palletizing, Biogan, groceries, suction tools, robot tools

IPS - Intelligent Packaging Software

Sealing System has developed their very own software for robot palletizing: IPS - Intelligent Packaging Software. IPS has been thoroughly tested by our robot programmers and engineers. We attached great importance to designing a user-friendly and logical control panel so that the individual operator can easily operate and program the robot.

Return on investment

A cobot is an easy way to streamline production. A cobot is affordable and cheap to run; it is stable, and it works 24/7, and it is space-saving compared to ordinary robot cells with safety fencing. The investment will soon have paid for itself and at the same time, it provides competitive advantages.


Solutions by Sealing System may be purchased or rented.

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